Happy Staffie Rescue is a small independent organisation that offers a life line to the Staffordshire bull terrier breed plus all other breeds and crossbreeds when space allows.


  • It is impossible for us to indicate a waiting time as this depends on how soon dogs are adopted to create space.

  • Our centre is based in Worcestershire and our volunteers are unable to offer a collection service.

Surrendering your dog into our care is a multi step process which we have detailed below.

Step 1

To start the ball rolling you will need to complete an online surrender application form. 

Step 2

Once the form is submitted our team will review your application. Successful application may need to join a waiting list, this is due to the limited kennel space available at our rehoming centre and priority being given to pound dogs on death row.

Step 3

When space is available our team with contact you by email to arrange an assessment meeting at our rehoming centre in Kidderminster. At this meeting we will get the chance to assess your dog in person with you in attendance. With your assistance our team will carry out some very basic tests to gauge your dogs suitability to join a kennel environment. This meeting can take anything up to 1-2 hours. We normally would not take your dog in during this step.

Step 4

Within 24 hours of the assessment out team will contact you to confirm if we are able to offer a kennel space for your dog or whether we believe you should peruse alternative options.


Step 5

If your dog is approved to come into our care we will arrange a day/time for your dog to be admitted into kennels, during this time you will be asked to read and sign a document detailing the legalities of surrendering your dog.  

Please CLICK HERE to start the surrender process.