Vicky arrived in our care 16 July 2021, having originally come from a rescue in Romania. She is a delightful friendship little girl with lots of wagging tails and easy to make friends with her current favourite treat of sprats.

UPDATED 17 July 2021.


Vicky was born on 5 July 2020, so she is just over one year of age. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and has had a negative test result for Leishmania. She has had her flea and worming treatments (13 July 2021). We have been told she is neutered, but have not seen veterinary record for this.


She is a smaller dog that a staffie, with enormous Dumbo like ears and big feet, but otherwise quite petite. She does need to put on a little more weight. There is a possibility she could grow some more.


As a dog from another country Vicky has no understanding yet of English commands, but she is very treat orientated and is already sitting for treats. Her new home must understand the additional work, a bit like having a puppy that will go into training Vicky her English commands.


With no prior history the sort of home we are currently looking for has:


  • No dogs

  • No cats

  • No children in the home or regularly visiting under the age of 13

  • Its own private secure garden

  • An experienced confident owner(s) able to work with and train a dog that does not know English commands

  • A minimal time left alone, possibly no more than 2 hours as we do not know how she would be being left for long periods.

  • plenty of opportunities for energetic exercise and fun


Vicky is very new to rescue, and to our country and our initial assessment could change over the coming days.


So far Vicky is easy to handle, though a little bit sensitive around the ears. She takes treats nicely, but excitedly. She walks nicely on a lead and harness, with no pulling. She has seen several dogs on walks, all of them calm dogs and she has not reacted to them.

Vicky may have a fear of brooms.


It is very important to note that Vicky does not currently know English commands, and this is an area you will be helping her to learn. She is bright, alert and food orientated which should make training easier. She is easily becoming accustomed to "sit" as it is being reinforced with sprats!